Comparing Artist Book Digital Collection

Otis College of Art and Design 

  • Platform: CONTENTdm
  • Easy to access through Google search
  • Browsing and advance search capabilities
  • Additional benefit of Guided Search offering dropdown menus listing authors, presses, bindings, techniques, subjects, and book types
  • Extensive metadata
  • Clicking on thumbnail images links to multiple images of same book plus metadata
  • Can search for similar bindings, materials, and other characteristics through links BUT linking options can be overwhelming
  • Website links to videos hosted on YouTube


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

  • Platform: Shared Shelf Commons through ARTstor
  • Open access
  • ARTstor search capabilities and image viewing (zoom, print, export, etc.)
  • Each image of a book requires a separate record
  • No video or audio
  • VRA Core built into system
  • Created extensive thesaurus
  • Metadata does not provide linking which could help with browsing
  • Paid subscription (Mason already subscribes)
  • Searching: Not easy to locate through Google but listed as separate collection in Shared Shelf