July 10: Working with Non-Textual Sources



Morning (9am to 12pm)

  • Discussion of Copyright
  • Readings
  • Introduction to collections with audio and video resources.
  • Oral History in Art History (Kelly Quinn)
  • Digital Methods: Collection, display, and annotation of images, material culture images, audio, and video using different web-based tools
  • Break for lunch at Noon

Afternoon (1pm to 4pm)

  • Hands-on Session: Annotating with ThingLink.com
  • Hands-on Session: Annotating with YouTube
  • Hands-on Session: Annotating and linking in Scalar
  • Hands-on Session: Building digital narrative
  • Close at 4pm. Bus: 4:15pm.


  • Consider how to incorporate different types of resources into your digital project for analysis.
  • Select platform for one-click installation on your domain.
  • Consider resources available at home institution, and willingness to work with different platforms.




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