July 15: Working with Tabular Data and Network Analysis


Morning (9am to 12pm)

  • Introduction, with Lisa Rhody: What makes a good visualization? What are visualizations useful for as art historians? What stories do art historians want to tell that could benefit from visualizations.
  • Hands-on Session 1: Word frequency visualizations using texts, file uploads, and URLs with Bubblelines, Wordle, Cirrus, Tag Crowd (tagcrowd.com)
  • Demo Session 1: Visualizing Visual Data with ImagePlot.
  • Demo Session 2: Visualizing Auction Data with Excel.
  • Hands-on Session 1: Using auction data, students will plot change in value over time.
  • 12:00 Break for lunch

Afternoon (1-4pm)

      • Demo Session 3: Visualizing Collection Data: ViewShare
      • Demo Session 4: Visualizing Data: Palladio (dataset)
      • Beyond the Institute: Other tools for visualizing data: Google Fusion, Tableau Public, etc.





Browse through some beautiful visualized collection data, Colour Lens, built by Richard Barrett-Small, Lead Developer and Web Architect for Tate Online (and he shared his code.)

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