Offer some feedback about the institute so far

I have learned a great deal thus far regarding the origin of the Digital Humanities, how the DH are being practiced, a range of opinions about the DH, some practical applications, and it has been especially rewarding to meet art historians who share similar interests. The workshop organizers and graduate students are founts of knowledge and assistance%u2013bravo and brava. Considering the amount of information disseminated and the learning curves of the participants, all is going well. I do have a few suggestions, though: perhaps if programs were downloaded in the mornings we could save some time for hands-on work, as some downloads have been very slooooow; the six hours of workshop time are simultaneously exhilarating and draining%u2013is there any way to (sometimes) flip the discussion and hands-on time so that the latter can be done when we are more alert in the mornings? the readings, examples, etc., are geared toward Western art and culture, and at more modern periods%u2013a bit of consideration for earlier periods and non-Western cultures would be appreciated, because these present issues and questions that sometimes are so different that they require divergent strategies (some suggestions provided upon request).

All in all, the first three days have been tremendously educational. This is like summer camp for adults%u2013the new skills, knowledge, and contacts will help to keep me charged during the next academic year.

Source: Offer some feedback about the institute so far