Project Planning: T.U. Walter in the US (ca. 1830-50) and/or Europe (1838)

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Locating relevant digital repositories

For my project, “Mapping the Dynamic Landscape of Architectural Practice,” I need to find sources for the following subjects:

1. information about T. U. Walter’s projects in different states; his modes of transportation and communication; data (location, date) of particular building projects

2. maps of the US, ca. 1830-1850: maps have been sourced from the following websites: David Rumsey Map Collection (1835), Wikipedia (1835), Antique Prints Blog (1840)

3. Maps/information about networks of different kinds: post roads, railroads, shipping routes, etc.: these have been much harder to track down.

Creating intentional archives of sources

1. For Walter’s information: this is material I have collected for previous research projects, primarily from the Walter Archives at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

2. US Maps: saved in Zotero.

Footnote: if necessary maps pertaining to the proposal are not easily accessible, the project may shift to chronicling Walter’s 1838 tour of Europe, tracking his movements, means of conveyance, and buildings/sites visited/studied.  In this case, the following map is a good, big, high-resolution map of the correct year; unfortunately in German but we’ll work with that: Europe 1838.  Additionally, images of the buildings that he studied will be included, perhaps in some kind of pop-up boxes keyed to the map, like the one shown above (from this source); also, if permission can be granted from the institution that holds Walter’s archives (the Athenaeum of Philadelphia), scanned pages of his travel journal might be included.  Images of key buildings dating as close as possible to Walter’s visit will be sought.

Source: Project Planning: T.U. Walter in the US (ca. 1830-50) and/or Europe (1838)