Painting Seized this past June

This painting was seized as it is believed to have been stolen from a Swiss safe deposit box:

lot-5 (2)-1

Usually the images that I work on hardly make the news like this!

But it has been in the news: here is a link to a blog post about it, as well as here a news article about it. There is a lot here to research and I am very thankful to  Dr. Rebecca Corrie for sending it on to me.

If you look at this painting that was seized (on the right) and the one that inspired this project (on the left), there are definite similarities and both are attributed in to the circle or the influence of Cimabue.

1961.112_01_t03 lot-5 (2)-1

Very excited to have a new image that is so “hot” in the news to examine further. And now I have at least two images for my project (there are many others actually but this is the one that is the most similar in composition).