Notes from Wed, July 16

Community-Based Projects and Engagement

Guiding questions:
Who are your publics?
How are they not being engaged, how to engage them?
What would we need to bridge these gaps?

Group 1
1. Responsibilities of public universities to educate and broaden understandings
2. Version of NPR StoryCorps
3. Antiques Road Show Model
4. Ask an art historian
5. Working with state humanities cultures

Group 2
1. Designing Games: Scavenger Hunts; Active, team learning
2. Antiques Road Show model
3. iPop ( A Theory of Experience Preference) Think about designing different experiences to reach different visitors who are interested in ideas/people/objects/kinetic

Group 3
1. Planning for audiences first and then choosing materials for public exhibitions
2. Problems of identifying interested parties when there are
3. Tools and structures: having something that isn’t tied to one specific institution to find collaborators–DPLA, DHCommons

Group 4
1. Is it important to connect emotionally with your audiences? Should we tell stories instead? Can we do both?

Group 5
1. Identified different publics
2. Street Art: Documenting it!
3. What is the “cannon”?