In order to experiment with the Gigapixel version of StoryMap, you will need to input URLs for an image.

Here is a list of URLs and image sizes that we’ve uploaded with which you can experiment.

After creating a new StoryMap, and choosing the Gigapixel option, enter the URL in the URL field, and fill in the height and width.

Abduction of Europa:
Width: 2841
Height: 4921
Width: 3921
Height: 3301
Civil War Union Envelope:
Width: 4389
Height: 2671
David in Prayer:
Width: 2841
Height: 4921
Idaho Farm and Field:
Width: 6000
Height: 3834
The Viga Canal:
Width: 3382
Height: 2981
WPA Poster – Household Jobs:
Width: 2336
Height: 2952
WPA Poster – Industry Jobs:
Width: 2262
Height: 2887
World War I Poster – Ambulance:
Width: 2603
Height: 3811
World War I Poster – Red Cross:
Width: 3409
Height: 2640